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​​Final REBELAH Conference in Barcelona!

On June 28th and 29th, the REBELAH International Conference "Cultural Heritage as a process of learning and inclusion" took place in Barcelona (Spain). This event marked the end of the REBELAH project.

"REBELAH - Religion, beliefs and secularism in cultural heritage to promote social inclusion in adult education" is a strategic partnership of the European Erasmus+ program. The project involves six organizations from four European countries: La Xixa (for the coordination) and the Ibn Battuta Foundation in Barcelona, Storytelling Centre in Amsterdam, Kepes in Budapest, Elan Interculturel in Paris and the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies and Centre for Religion and Heritage, University of Groningen.

The exclusionary and discriminatory narratives that currently coexist across Europe also reach into learning environments, particularly affecting students belonging to religious and ethnic minorities. In this context, cultural heritage is an essential and powerful tool to combat these discourses, as it has the capacity to contribute to the creation of inclusive, diverse and safe learning spaces.

At this International Conference, we had the pleasure to present the results and experiences of this project, which has lasted two years and consisted of a revealing process of research and piloting with the organizations involved. The useful and free resources that have been created as a result of this experience aim to:

- promote inclusion, diversity and non-discrimination, with special attention to religious minorities;

- promote the social and educational value of European cultural heritage and its potential to contribute positively to interreligious coexistence; and

- to develop the competencies of adult educators to foster the values promoted by REBELAH through their teaching practice.

Specifically, the outcomes presented are:

  • The Youth for Creative Identities Card Game A How-to-Guide for Youth and Youth Workers

  • The Youth for Creative Identities Method A Handbook for Youth Workers

The event consisted of two days full of activities, presentations and moments for sharing (Rebelah a Can Calopa, Rebelah al Museu, Rebelah de Ruta Mozaika). Community spaces were organized to reflect on the meanings of heritage, how it affects us as individuals and society, and the impact of traditions and cultural background on relationships. All of this was to promote a cultural heritage that serves as a tool for learning and the inclusion of diversity.

Rebelah a Can Calopa

Rebelah Al Museu

Rebelah de Ruta Mozaika

Thank you very much to all of you for making this possible!

We would like to thank all the members of the REBELAH project, and the Can Calopa farmhouse for letting us enjoy their wonderful space and the artist Sidou Sanel for harmonizing the evening on Tuesday. We would also like to thank the Ethnological and World Cultures Museum, its director Carles Vicente and all his team for accompanying us on Wednesday morning during the workshops on heritage and inclusion, as well as the Diomcoop cooperative for their catering service and the Mozaika team for their fantastic route in the neighbourhood of El Call and the visit to the Cathedral Archive.

We would also like to thank Ajuntament de Barcelona, the Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education and the Erasmus+ program for their support throughout the project.

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